Make every interaction on your child’s smartphone educational.

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How It Works

  • Life can be busy.
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  • Our phones frequently introduce distractions that can be difficult to resist.
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  • Cogli blocks distractions from our phones and turns those distractions into educational opportunities.
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  • Cindy’s parents added Cogli to her phone three months ago, so by now her SAT® Math, Reading, and Vocabulary knowledge has significantly improved.
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  • Cindy is not only more prepared for the upcoming SAT® exam, but she is more confident, because of her frequent simulated test questions administered by Cogli. Since she has answered her question correctly, she can proceed to Kayla’s text message.
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  • Cogli’s quiz blocking feature is there to provide Cindy with an opportunity to test and reinforce important scholastic topics. It incentivizes her to learn academic material in order to access her favorite apps and connect with her friends.
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  • Cogli helps us accomplish our goals.
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Why It's Awesome

Encourage Responsible Learning Habits
Cogli helps students balance their academic obligations with their social and extracurricular ones. It incentivizes students to learn so that they can get to the fun activities. And it more fully integrates learning as a normal part of everyday life, like texting a friend.

Study More Effectively
Whether you are trying to ace the ACT® exam or to get an ‘A’ on your math test, students are more likely to retain material if they space out their learning sessions into shorter time periods throughout the day, and over multiple days, rather than cramming at the last minute. Maintaining concentration over long time periods can be mentally taxing and make learning the material more difficult. Cogli is about more frequent, shorter, and more concentrated studying that fits into a busy students lifestyle.

Learn Everywhere
Don’t be constrained by the classroom or one designated ‘study’ room. Changing the the environment in which you study creates new contextual associations for the study material in your brain. Add multiple contextual signals to improve learning and recall of information.

Professional Content

Meet One of Our Experts

Dr. Steve Warner
“A big part of my tutoring philosophy has always been to study in very short bursts. Cogli is the perfect supplement to any test prep regimen, because it provides students with the motivation and tools to do just that!"

Currently a mathematics professor at Hofstra University, Dr. Steve Warner has been tutoring students for standardized tests since 1999. His innovative curriculum and approach to teaching was developed from his experiences while teaching himself the extremely challenging material required to obtain a Ph.D. in mathematics. He further refined his curriculum using feedback from thousands of students whom he has tutored over the years.

We love Dr. Warner because his teaching philosophy focuses on test specific strategies designed to save time, avoid carelessness, and exploit the weaknesses of standardized tests, as opposed to spending valuable time on the conventional teaching of mathematics. Dr. Warner’s content is divided into Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced levels based on where a student is currently scoring on their practice exams, making it easy for you to add the right content to your child’s quiz queue to help them succeed.


How to Get Started

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Signup to create your account.

Create A Student Profile

Add a unique profile for each student who will use Cogli.

Assign Quizzes

Add appropriate quizzes to each student’s quiz queue.

Download The App

Download the Cogli app onto your student's phone.

Register The Phone

Link your student’s phone to the profile you created for them on the Parent Portal.

Activate The App

Activate the Cogli app on your student’s device.


Great Features You'll Love

Great Content

Over 100 quizzes, study guides, and tutorials, at launch with an ever expanding library.

  • Cogli’s learning material is curated from the best and brightest in the test preparation field. Cogli’s team of learning experts ensures only quality material is used in the learning process. Every piece of learning material is hand selected to be effective and engaging.

Phone Safety

App users can always make phone calls to an approved list of contacts, without having to worry about answering a quiz question. Cogli never blocks incoming calls, so you will always be able to call your child.

  • Cogli can’t be activated on a phone without having a parent add at least one emergency contact number to an approved call list, in addition to 911. When signed in to the parent portal a parent can add as many phone numbers to the approved call list as they would like, and they’ll never have to worry about Cogli getting in the way of their child contacting those people whose phone numbers are on the list.
  • Cogli prioritizes the safety of its user, so 911 is built into the approved call list, so users can always contact emergency services without having to answer a quiz question.

Cost Effective

Cogli is a cost effective supplement to improve a student’s studying habits and overall preparedness for standardized tests.

  • At less than $11 per month, Cogli represents an economical choice that can greatly enhance a student's test preparation regimen. We recommend using it alongside other test preparation resources to encourage frequent practice, review, and recall of the concepts and challenges that users will encounter on test day.
The Comparison
One-on-One Tutoring Online or In Person Classroom Course Self-Paced or Self-Taught Course One Month of Cogli
Hours of Engagement 10-48 hours 18-25 hours 40 hours Whenever your child is on their phone (approx. 135 hours each month)!1
Price $1500-$7400 $899-$1099 $299-$599 $8.99-$10.99

1. "Fact Sheet: Teens and Smartphones." Common Sense Media Inc. (2015)


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Questions and Answers.

Can I try Cogli before I buy?

Yes, we have a risk free cancellation period of 7 days after the initial activation of your subscription plan, on your first device. That means we won’t bill your credit card until 7 days after you’ve signed-up for a subscription, and you can cancel within the first 7 days without being charged.

What type of support do you have?

You can contact us at We check it frequently and strive to achieve response times of 24-48 hours from the initial inquiry. We’ve designed Cogli to be extremely easy to use for parents and children, even for parents who aren’t tech savvy. We have a streamlined tutorial that will walk you through setting up Cogli and using it like a pro in just a few simple steps. The tutorial starts automatically on your first sign in.

How many quizzes are available, is there a limit on how many my child can have on their phone or work on in a given month?

We have 100+ quizzes available at launch at least 50 practice quizzes each for both SAT® and at least 50 ACT® preparation. There is no limit to the number of quizzes you can add to your quiz queue, and there is no limit to the number of quizzes your child can work through in a given month. The only limit will be how quickly your child can study and learn the material. We allow unlimited access to our quiz database during your subscription term.

Where does your quiz content come from?

Our content comes from multiple contributors. These include current and former SAT® and ACT® tutors, Prep Book Publishers, and experts in the field of test prep. If you are interested in adding your own content to the Cogli platform, please contact us at

How do I monitor my child’s progress, and how do I know if my child is performing well?

We have a Progress Dashboard on the Parent Portal website, that allows you to see a detailed breakdown of the number of questions your child has attempted each day, the number of correct and incorrect answers, the number of quizzes which they have successfully passed, and a breakdown of the quizzes they have passed by subject matter. We also allow you to set up a weekly email that summarizes your child’s progress.

Does it work on the phone I have?

Cogli works on all Android phones running Android 4.0 and higher. For reference any Android phone produced after October 18, 2011 should be running on Android 4.0 or higher. Here is a simple link to help you check what version of Android your phone is running

What about Apple products?

We are currently developing an iOS version of the Cogli app, but it is not yet ready for release. If you would like to be added to our waiting list for an iOS app, you can send an email to we will only contact you once we have completed the iOS app and launched it on the App Store.

Can my child bypass the quiz blocking or uninstall the app?

Once activated, Cogli’s quiz blocking can defeat the vast majority of attempts to bypass the quiz without successfully answering a question. Our team of developers is also constantly working to improve the already excellent blocking capabilities. We have a built in email notification to you if the app is uninstalled from your child’s phone.

How can I activate quiz blocking on a device?

Simply head to Progress Dashboard of the Parent Portal and turn on the block setting. You can also enable quiz blocking by signing into the app on the phone itself and selecting Enable.

How do I choose what my child will study?

Go to the Find Quizzes page of the Parent Portal and type in a keyword like “SAT Math” in the search bar or use our preset filters to display all the quizzes of a certain type like “ACT® Reading”. Check the quiz title and quiz descriptions for more information about its appropriateness for your child (some authors create quizzes based on difficulty level or your child’s current SAT®/ACT® score in the subject matter). Once you’ve found some quizzes that you like just click the Add button to put them into your child’s quiz queue and Cogli will display them when its quiz blocking feature is activated.

Is it safe?

Yes. Your child will always be able to call numbers on their approved call list (you set this list up before the app can be activated, and it can be modified at any time from the parent portal). Your child will always be able to receive incoming calls, meaning you can call them from any phone and Cogli won’t force them to answer a question in order to talk to you. Your child can always contact emergency services/police since “911” is built into the approved call list and cannot be removed. Please note if you reside outside of the United States of America, and wish to install Cogli, you will need to manually add an emergency services number. We don’t ask for any personally identifiable information about your child (beyond the name or nickname you assign to their phone).

Who manages the quizzes? Assigns quizzes?

The parent portal account holder controls quiz assignment and manages the quiz queue for each device. You can do this yourself through the parent portal, it’s really easy and we’ll walk you through it. It might also be a good idea to sit down with your child and search through and assign quizzes together, this way you’ll both be involved in the test preparation process, and you can set goals and expectations together. If you assign quizzes as parent/child team you can understand your child’s needs and challenges better and ultimately provide them with the best curriculum and encouragement they need to succeed.

Can I use Cogli on any device?

Each Cogli subscription can only be used on one device at a time. So if you have twins who each have their own smartphone and are preparing for a standardized test, you’ll need to purchase 2 Cogli subscriptions, one for each phone. An active Cogli subscription can be reassigned to a different device, this can be done by downloading the Cogli app on the new device, signing in with your parent portal credentials, and then designating which device account will be assigned to this new device. The process is very intuitive and you can contact our email for additional help.

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